The Evil Villain Laugh Is So Romantic

So I had just recently begun dating this guy, “Garian” — after being Just Friends for so long that his pals called me The UnGirlfriend, but that’s a whole other story — and naturally, he needed to introduce me to his closest friends. On this particular evening, we were to have a pizza and play some Settlers of Catan with one of his oldest (known since high school) friends who we’ll call “Neal”. We’re eating pizza, playing the game and about halfway through we notice that not a single 8 has been rolled (and Neal desperately wants an 8 as some resource he needs is on his 8…). Shortly after this, I played a knight and moved the robber baron right onto his 8, commenting as I shook up the dice, “Oh, don’t worry about it. 8 hasn’t hit the whole game… until NOW.” Sure enough, I rolled an 8. And broke out into the Evil Laugh.

Everyone has an Evil Laugh buried down deep in their guts. Some people will never use it, some overuse it. I wish I could attach an audio clip of mine for you, but it can’t be done on command; it only breaks forth when some villainous or sneaky act has been committed that truly delights the evil side of me. It sounds a little psychotic in fact; probably not the usual way to impress new acquaintances. However, what I could not know at this time was that Garian and Neal had been gaming together for years and for all those years, they have been ridiculously, fiercely competitive with each other. So my heartless crushing of Neal and subsequent gloating over it did more to convince both of them that I was “their kind of people” than all the politeness and good manners could have ever hoped to accomplish. Sometimes being yourself is the best choice. I don’t remember who won the game; probably Garian, since Neal and I are both Scorpios so after the 8 incident it was “on” and we were at each others throats the rest of the game.

Garian has since confided in me that it was at that moment that he began falling in love with me. Because evil psychotic laughter is so romantic.


3 Responses to “The Evil Villain Laugh Is So Romantic”

  1. You should do your laugh with Lilly’s witch cackle…. *shiver*

  2. Evil Bekka Says:

    We so should – I have not heard her witch cackle, but I am sure that together, we could strike fear into the surrounding 3 counties!

  3. As i remember it …it was a “6” on a forest tile…. but i’m not still bitter or anything 7 years later

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