In Honor of Monday

Conversations like the following sometimes make me miss working in a cube farm… but not badly enough to want to go back!

GoodWitch* (to no one in particular): “Who would’ve thought we’d have this much fun on a Monday?”
Evil Bekka: “Are you being sarcastic?”
T-Bone: “What kind of crack are you smokin’?”
GoodWitch (without missing a beat): “None – you got any?”


*Names have been changed to protect the guilty… oh, and the innocent too, I suppose…

One Response to “In Honor of Monday”

  1. Isn’t that a cowinkedink…I was just thinking about you this morning, when I turned my calendar to see a caribou and said good bye to the suicidal big horned sheep of July! I thought to myself, “My gosh…it has almost been an entire month since you ran out the door with your arms flailing and yelling “I’m Free!”

    Much has happened here, but no one else has been a victim of the photos of doom. We have had the 100% speech and the Pals sweet tea speech again…Arrrrrgggghhhh!!!!

    The golden boy has shown a remarkable skill at doing an impersanation of “Car” from Slingblade…ummhummm. Other than that, it is still booorrrrinnng!

    miss ya,

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