Why I Don’t Miss the Cube Farm Today

At my last office job, we had a client that I got to do a lot of Special Projects for. She was a Very Special Customer. There were notes on how to interact with her left by my predecessor and notes on other people’s monitors reminding them never to call her, but to let So-And-So (or me) handle it. I referred to her as the Bad Karma From My Last Job — I’m not sure what I did there, but it must’ve been awful. I came across this old email conversation I had with her and saved it to remind myself that no amount of money was worth that aggravation:

My Email:
Thanks for getting this database updated so quickly!!
I will be needing these people’s email and mailing addresses to send them results:
{list of 3 people I’d never heard of, but needed to mail and email her stuff to}
“Evil Bekka”*

Her reply (no shit):

Why don’t you send them an e-mail and ask for same and tell them M– D– is sending sales incentive gifts and you need their home address.

I didn’t answer her email. I can be very diplomatic, but I was at a complete loss as to how to politely say “really? I’ll just … do that then… cuz in the time you took to write that, you could’ve given me their emails so I could do that!! ya big (bleeep, bleep)…”

So, yeah. Glad I don’t work there anymore… Happy Monday!

*names have been changed or omitted to protect the innocent and the guilty


2 Responses to “Why I Don’t Miss the Cube Farm Today”

  1. Does she have Chicken Eyes? Heh heh. 🙂

    • Evil Bekka Says:

      I don’t know. I have never actually met her in person or even seen a picture of her. I suppose I could google her and find something — she IS somebody Pretty Important with a certain Huge Corporation… but I have an image in my head of what I imagine she looks like and that is probably better than the real thing.

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