Cubicle Conversations

At all of my cube-farm jobs, I have always popped open a notepad window and typed verbatim any random entertaining conversations I happen to catch drifting through the office. The following is one such relic.
Instead of the usual droning of football stats and discussions on the latest reality show, this filtered over the cubicle wall one fine day:
There is about a five party conversation going on something like this:
“Outback is good.”
“Yeah, and Logan’s.”
“You been to the Chophouse?”
“A lot of Chinese places have good seafood… I like Red Lobster…”
and so on until this developed between two coworkers we will call “Daryl” (40-50 something rural Southerner with the accent, likes NASCAR and domestic beer) and “Robbie” (20 something, lanky, smart-ass type with his hair moussed straight up about 2 inches).

Daryl:  You like Sushi?
Robbie:  Yeah, I love it!
Daryl:  Heh, you eat them sea monsters?
Robbie:  What?
Daryl:  You know what I mean.
Robbie:  No, I don’t know what you mean.
Daryl (taunting):  That’s cuz you don’t want to know.

Daryl:  You ever eat squid?
Robbie:  Oh, no, I don’t like the squid…
Daryl:  You like eatin’ trout though?
Robbie:  Yeah they have a – (laughs) — they have a really good smoked trout actually.
Daryl:  HA, smoked trout!! He likes smoked trout (mumbles incoherently)…
Robbie:  You’re disgusting.
I have a feeling that in his head, Daryl was being remarkably clever and witty. We may one day have the technology to get inside people’s heads and understand them better, but would we really want to go there?
And that’s your random thought for Wednesday.
What entertaining conversations have you overheard recently? Tell me in the comments!

One Response to “Cubicle Conversations”

  1. Evil Bekka Says:

    This is one of my favorite overheard random conversations of all time:

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