Cubicle Conversations II

I have had the Upper Respiratory Plague this week, so aside from plotting Dark Vengeance on the Carrier Monkey (Richard The Knave, I’m glaring at you…) I have not gotten much done. So I am publishing another overheard conversation for your reading pleasure:

Plodding through another sleep-deprived, 11 hour work day the following eavesdroppings cheered me up a bit. Our old friends “Daryl” and “Robbie” are present as well as a new character who we will refer to as “Mitch” – a smirking sort of fellow with an athletic, monkey-style build; fond of football and foosball, often makes funny snide remarks.
There is no conversation going on. The following dialogue interrupts the tapping of keyboards and occasional background work-related talk.

Daryl (out of nowhere to no one):  Would you rather be suffocated by eating a donut or a hoagie?
Mitch:  What?!
Daryl:  (repeats)
Mitch:  Donut.
Daryl:  Why?
Mitch:  Donut tastes better.
Daryl:  What if it was one of them sugar free ones?
Mitch:  Do they suffocate you?
Daryl:  No, you’re suffocating either way —
Robbie (interrupts):  But donuts have holes, right?
Daryl:  What do you mean by that? You’re sick.
Robbie (mock surprised):  I’m sick? I just said –
Daryl:  You’re violating borders, man…

Is this a typical male conversation? Is that what they think about? Or were these guys just addled by the relentless overtime and overwhelming futility of that particular job?

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