Cubicle Conversations III

14 hour work days are not good for your mental health. Not good… I present Exhibit A, a conversation overheard about halfway through one such day.
Out of a long silence with occasional typing noises:


Daryl:  If you had your choice of a hundred dollars a week or a lifetime supply of fried pies, which would you take?… The pies, right?
Robbie:  I was gonna go with the hundred dollars, myself.
Daryl:  But pies?!
(mumbled discussion on the merits of fried pies)
Immediately following with no transition:
Daryl:  Would you rather be eaten by an alligator or a shark?
Robbie:  A shark. I think I could get away from a shark.
Daryl:  You THINK you could?
Robbie:  Well, either way you’re gonna lose something…
Daryl:  I’m terrified of sharks…
Daryl:  Boy, I can’t wait till they vacuum… I always look forward to that part of the day… As if your brains aren’t scrambled enough by this time…
(moment of silence, presumably for thoughts of vacuum cleaners)
Daryl:  I’m sick of popcorn…
Robbie:  Man, you eat it all day from breakfast till you leave!
Daryl:  Yeah, but I’m sick of it, they should get us a hamburger machine; have some old lady in there frying burgers all day, you know…

2 Responses to “Cubicle Conversations III”

  1. I would snap if I heard a conversation like that. I would scream for ‘Daryl’ to shut the ‘f’ up for 5 seconds. Though entertaining to read…I couldn’t handle it in person. Thumbs up to you for keeping your composure.

    • what was worse than that was the woman who sat next to me after the office got rearranged. She’d talk about 1) Reality shows in excruciating detail, 2) How her kids did in their sports, and 3) Everything she’d eaten yesterday and today; everything she wanted to eat, and everything she was really going to eat. Those were her only subjects and she’d discuss them with 1) the lady who sat on the other side of her, 2) her husband on the phone and 3) her sister on the phone EVERY DAY! I’d see her walk in and slam my headphones on and turn them up… Love her heart…

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