OK, I have more of an Ironic GM…

So, my recent blog posts have evidently tempted Fate (my GM is named Fate). Today I had to roll to walk downstairs into my basement, and failed. Critically, catastrophically failed. My foot just slipped off the step and for some reason, the other one followed and I proceeded to thud solidly down 5 or 6 steps on my butt (yay for padding!) while my shoes flew ahead of me, my glass of water showered down on me, the stairs, and the dogs; and my bag of craft supplies landed neatly and upright on the top step. I slowed my descent by absorbing much of the impact with my left forearm right below the elbow. It hurts, but the doctor doesn’t think it’s broken. They are sending xrays to a radiologist to be sure. So, as I am icing my elbow now, I won’t be able to draw any pictures for today’s post. A photo will have to do… stay tuned…


One Response to “OK, I have more of an Ironic GM…”

  1. Bekah! I didn’t know this. I’m calling you sometime tomorrow. 😦

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