How to Have Fun When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

As this year’s sugar-saturated, over-hyped, poor excuse to sell flowers of a holiday arrives, I have a couple stories to share of fun Valentine’s Days from when I was single. Maybe it will give you some good ideas for entertainment options tomorrow.

When I was a teenager/young woman, my single girl friends and I would get dressed to the nines and all go out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. We would ignore all the single men/creepers patronizing the bar, but we’d flirt outrageously with the waiter, who would bring us whatever we wanted! It was a fabulous way to feel desired and showered with attention. Yes, he did get a good tip. Then, we’d go to whatever romantic comedy was playing at the cinema and make snide comments just loud enough to annoy the obnoxiously making out couples, but not loud enough to get complained about. Good times.

The very last Valentine’s Day that I spent single I went out to eat with Garian (who was ‘just friends’ with me then), a single girl friend, “Mina,” and the older of my little brothers who was in his late teens at that time. We got a booth and proceeded to have dinner and talk about whatever came to mind. Who knows what it was, but I suppose it was bizarrely entertaining to the middle-aged, rural-looking couple sitting in the next booth because I noticed that their conversation had died out and that they were leaning their heads ever so slightly backwards and occasionally making shocked/amused eye contact with each other. I leaned in and very quietly made my companions aware that we had eavesdroppers. As we all ate chips and salsa and pondered how to get the most fun out of this unexpected situation, my brother won initiative and declared, “Any vampire will tell you that the sweetest blood comes from the inner thigh” (this was years before the current romanticized monster craze; vampire lore was very much a subculture thing then).  We all grinned happily and then began discussing this topic in detail, covering the psychological, physical and dietary impact such preferences would entail — not to mention how one could be sure of this information, as vampires were not necessarily included or willing to participate in nutritional surveys…

I never saw someone scarf down their food and ask for the check so quickly as the couple in the next booth.

What fun activities do you do or suggest for all of the single people this Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments!


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