Where I’ve Been Lately… or The Wild Die

It has been far too long since my last post, I know, but I have an excellent excuse which can be presented as a gaming metaphor (yay!). So, who has played the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (D6 system)? It’s fun with the right group of people and a flexible GM. I am only going to explain enough of the system to make my point. You do things in the game by rolling various numbers of 6-sided dice (D6). This is your character’s “dice pool” and it can be added to or subtracted from by conditions and the situation. For example, if my character wants to fire a blaster pistol at an enemy (pew!pew!pew!) I would look at her skill in blaster and see that she gets 5 dice. If the GM determines that it’s a very difficult shot or if the character is wounded or trying to do multiple actions that round, I would get less dice. If it is an easy shot or the target is stunned or otherwise unable to dodge, I may get extra dice to hit. You want high numbers in this system, so more dice is good. Now the fun part is that no matter how many dice you roll, one of them has to be the Wild Die — a D6 that is a different size or color or something to distinguish it from the rest. The Wild Die represents  the luck, karma, coincidence, or sheer randomosity that one encounters in life. So if the Wild Die comes up a six, it “explodes” and you add the six to your total then roll the Wild Die again, also adding that to the total. If it keeps coming up six, you keep going ’til it doesn’t and your character has probably just done something really awesome or narrowly avoided a horrible and seemingly inescapable fate. However. If the Wild Die ever comes up a one, you must tell the GM and then remove the Wild Die and your highest other number rolled from the dice pool. Your character has likely just shot himself in the foot or something just as spectacularly bad. The entertaining element there is that the GM gets to decide what happens and use these occasions to throw in plot twists or otherwise escalate the circumstances.

So, in the Role-Playing Game of my life, here is what happened a long, long time ago (ok, this January) in a galaxy far, far away (my house):

SOoooo, I am waiting for the glowing and the rainbows and the unicorns to kick in that I’ve heard about. So far, I’ve experienced all-day morning sickness and lots of fatigue which is why I haven’t blogged in like ever. But things are looking up now — yay, 2nd trimester! — so life will be getting on sort of like normal for a while anyway… And my blog will not turn into a pregnancy documentation with graphic descriptions of ooze and fluids and ecstatic cooing. But this is happening, so be warned that I may be hormonal or whiny(er) at times and you will just have to cope because it turns out to be really hard work to grow a half-evil-gamer-geek-motorcycle-riding-stunt-pilot-astronaut-ninja in your tummy.


One Response to “Where I’ve Been Lately… or The Wild Die”

  1. Don’t worry. It might be hard to grow a half-evil-gamer-geek-motorcycle-riding-stunt-pilot-astronaut-ninja in your tummy, but once you’ve done the hard work, there will be plenty of evil minions to teach the little one everything a new evil genius needs to know.

    Good luck with that. *snickers*

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