Random Amusing Memory

So I just heard a Harley-Davidson commercial on the radio and was reminded of my hairdresser who is a Harley Girl, through and through. During one of my haircuts, I was telling her about the time that Garian had taken Elle to a motorcycle event a couple hours away and they had ridden down on his bike. She got this appalled look on her face, like I had just confided that they’d gone to an orgy or something, and said, “I’d kill any woman who got behind my husband on his Harley.”

I took a second to process this and then said lamely, “Um, he rides a Honda.”

At which she relaxed and said, “Oh well, that’s probably ok then.”

I still don’t understand.


2 Responses to “Random Amusing Memory”

  1. Maybe the Harley is considered sexier by Harley Girls and Guys so riding a Honda together, to them, is maybe like holding hands with your brother…just not sexy and for some, probably a little icky. 😉

  2. Evil Bekka Says:

    lol… that’s as good an explanation as any!

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