How Am I Not Running This Planet Yet?

OK, I just got utterly flummoxed by one of my design clients. This lady is not tech-literate, so I am usually very understanding and careful to explain. I emailed her a dropbox link to the files she needed to give the printer. She’d also requested last year’s design and one other project too, so the link went straight to 3 zipped files that you could click on to download. She burns up my phone this morning (while I’m sleeping, so yeah… I didn’t answer) with calls, emails, and text messages because she’s at the printer and they see 3 files and don’t know what to do. It’s good I didn’t answer the phone because my filter is off in the morning and my “help” would have gone something like this:

Me: OK, can you read?

Her: yes, but —

Me: Do you see the file named “2012 project”?

Her: yes

Me: Guess what?! That’s your project for 2012!!! Click that one!

Yes, it was literally named what it was. And I had told her the file name she wanted in the email I sent with the link because as I said, she is a special client and I knew that the whole dropbox thing was beyond her experience, so I’m not entirely surprised that her mind got in the way of her brain in this instance. The printer now. That blows my mind. Are you really working in a business that requires you to deal with computers and files every day and this is your level of problem solving? There are three files. One is named the thing the client wants you to print. The others are not. So you ask the client which one it is? And when the client doesn’t know herself, you don’t just click on all of them so she can see them and identify the correct one?

Is this a sample of the general population? Is this standard logical thinking for professional humans in a developed civilization? If so, HOW AM I NOT RUNNING THIS PLANET YET?

Fortunately, the text message that did wake me up was “Sorry for the panic. We figured it out.” I really couldn’t resist sending back, “oh good. It was named “2012 project.” Sorry that was so hard…”


One Response to “How Am I Not Running This Planet Yet?”

  1. LOL! I hope I don’t fall into this lady’s category, but I suspect I’m not far from it. :/

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