Game of Thrones Board Game

I love the Song of Ice and Fire books by George R. R. Martin. The board game is really well done and is fantastic at emulating the feel of the plotlines and situations in the story… We always dive into a game with happy anticipation, general friendliness and understandings of alliances. By turn three, it’s pretty much like this:

GoTAnyone else played this game? Ever had one where Westeros was politely divided up without making you hate your friends? Didn’t think so.


One Response to “Game of Thrones Board Game”

  1. LOL! So funny, as usual! I’ve never played. Haven’t read the books, only seen the tv series. And I am eagerly anticipating the next season. That said, I am sure it’s much more intense that Settlers of Catan but, when I am actually trying to win at Catan, everyone else is a “turd”. So, I can relate a little. 😀

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