Wild Sunday Night

Our little spawn is in a great mood today — she’s playful and exuberant and ‘helping’ around the house a lot. During dinner, she requested some of Daddy’s milk. He gives her a drink, during which she looses a remarkable belch and then remarks, “I burped in Daddy’s milk!” She follows this up with her most charming grin.

Daddy says sarcastically, “Oh, good. Just what I always wanted.”

The Daughter then goes into peals of manic laughter, through which she gasps, “I CWAZY!!”

Any attempt at teaching table manners tonight is now completely abandoned. But we’re kind of proud that our two year old grasps sarcasm already and has good comic timing. Sometimes you just roll with the antics and enjoy it.


One Response to “Wild Sunday Night”

  1. She does indeed have good comic timing!

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