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Murphy’s Law

Posted in Airing of Grievances with tags , , , , , , , on March 6, 2014 by Bekka

It’s been kind of a rough week, so since I didn’t have a ton of time-sensitive things to do today, I blocked out some Me Time. Dropped The Daughter off at her grandparents’, took a nice long shower, and decided to try some new henna hair treatment. Now, I’ve done henna before and it’s messy,┬áso my best hack for not ruining clothes or towels draped over clothes is to apply hair coloring in the buff. Therefore, post-shower, I’m humming along, glopping this baby-poop colored and textured substance happily onto my head, and just when I get it spiked into some really interesting formations… the doorbell rings. The doorbell. I mean, who does that anymore? It’s too early for mail or UPS, I’m not expecting anyone, so it must be the dreaded Pop-Over Visit or someone selling something. If I could have been sure that it was a salesman, I’d have gone and answered it in my birthday suit, my hair all caked in goo, and explained that now was not a good time. If they still went ahead with their pitch, then props to them for poise. But… it could have been a neighbor. We have some new ones next door whom we’ve not frightened off yet and we do like them. It could also have been Girl Scouts — it’s cookie time, you know.

So, hilarious as that choice would have been for somebody, I remained in the bathroom ’til whoever it was went away. They didn’t leave a package or note, so the mystery remains. I hope it wasn’t Publisher’s Clearing House. Oh, well.

What’s the most ridiculous get-up you’ve ever gone to the door in?


Will Power and Other Rambles

Posted in Airing of Grievances with tags , , , , , , , , on August 22, 2013 by Bekka

ImageOK, yes, I have good genes and hyperthyroidism which makes it easy for me to stay thin no matter what I eat. But I also have will power. You know the thing that you must practice while that disc is burning/file is uploading/program is opening and you have 3 minutes of dead time and you’d really like to spend them playing Tetris on your phone and stuffing Oreos in your mouth, but you don’t. No, you get your butt up out of the chair and do 10 pushups instead, or some squats while you check Facebook. And then you are absurdly pleased with yourself as if you’d just planted a rainforest or something. So pleased that you think you deserve some Oreos. And maybe a minute or two of Tetris. Sigh….

OH, speaking of Oreos, I was having one after dinner the other day and I’m twisting it open (because I’m one of those who twists the cookie apart, licks out the cream and then eats the rest) and it looks like this:


Dramatic recreation

Yes. Someone had pre-licked the middle out of it and put it back in the bag!! As I stare in horrified shock (what if I had just bitten into it instead?!), wondering which of my uncouth friends or guests had committed this travesty (and I was ready to pin it on The Knave), Garian wanders by and snickers, saying, “Oh, ha! You found my Oreo!”

He had been eating it, apparently, gotten distracted and put it back before wandering off. Who does that?! My husband, that’s who. Next time you’re over here partying with us, twist your Oreos open, just in case…